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A coverage exercise (CE) is a simple, low-cost, rapid assessment tool that can be used to profile who is reached by a given service or group of service providers or organizations with a common clientele operating within a particular geographic area. This tool was developed by the Population Council to assist programs servicing youth, but it can be used for other beneficiaries as well. A CE collects data on a variety of characteristics including gender, schooling status, living arrangements, work status, and marital status of those benefiting from a program or service. It also enables program staff and managers to take a systematic look at which services they are actually providing, where they are being provided, and whether program beneficiaries are repeat customers or not. The ultimate purpose of the tool is to determine whether services are reaching intended beneficiaries and if services are appropriate for those receiving them. This guide explains what a coverage exercise is, why you do a CE, who can benefit from a CE, and how much a CE costs.






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Adolescent Girls' Programming: Community of Practice