Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knowledge Commons?
Knowledge Commons is a collection of the Population Council’s published research, policy, and program learning materials. All content contained within the repository is published or contributed to by the Council.

Who uses Knowledge Commons?
As a permanent repository for the Population Council’s published research, Knowledge Commons is intended for policy makers, development practitioners, and academics. We encourage all users to also visit for additional content including our newest publications, country and project pages, and events.

Why is some content restricted?
Some content on Knowledge Commons is for internal sharing only and restricted to Council staff. Staff must have an account to view this content. Use your Population Council email address to set up an account via the “My Account” link on the upper right navigation bar.

How is content organized in Knowledge Commons?
Content is organized into three Collections: Population Council Departments, Research Topics, and Special Series. Within Departments, content is organized by units reflecting the Council's organizational structure: Center for Biomedical Research and Social and Behavioral Science Research (which includes HIV and AIDS; Poverty, Gender, and Youth; and Reproductive Health). We also cross link content by topic and organize it within the Research Topics collection and Special Series, when applicable.

How can users find content?
Knowledge Commons allows users to easily browse content by Collection. Within each Collection, content is organized by year of publication. We encourage users also to use the site’s robust Advanced Search functionality which allows for searching by keywords and a broad range of filters, including author, abstract, publication date, and subject. Note that author affiliation is listed as “Population Council” if the author was a staff member at the time of publication. Other institutional affiliations may be available within resources. All content contained within Knowledge Commons is published or contributed to by the Council. The repository catalogs publications from consortia projects for which the Population Council was the lead partner. To find content associated with a specific project, type the project name with quotation marks around the name. See tips on using the search function.

As we add more content to Knowledge Commons, some collections will initially have a limited number of resources. Please check back regularly to find content. If you have questions or comments about the repository, please contact