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Submissions from 2019


New subtype B containing HIV-1 circulating recombinant of sub-Saharan Africa origin in Nigerian men who have sex with men, Erik Billings, Gustavo H. Kijak, Eric Sanders-Buell, Nicaise Ndembi, Anne Marie O'Sullivan, Sylvia Adebajo, Afoke Kokogho, Mark Milazzo, Kara Lombardi, Stefan Baral, Rebecca G. Nowak, Habib O. Ramadhani, Robert Gramzinski, Merlin L. Robb, Nelson L. Michael, Manhattan E. Charurat, Julie Ake, Trevor A. Crowell, Sodsai Tovanabutra, MHRP Viral Sequencing Core, and TRUST/RV368 Study Group

Submissions from 2018


Griffithsin carrageenan fast dissolving inserts prevent SHIV HSV-2 and HPV infections in vivo, Nina Derby, Manjari Lal, Meropi Aravantinou, Larisa Kizima, Patrick Barnable, Aixa Rodriguez, Manshun Lai, Asa Wesenberg, Shweta Ugaonkar, Keith Levendosky, Olga Mizenina, Kyle Kleinbeck, Jeffrey D. Lifson, M. Melissa Peet, Zachary Lloyd, Michael Benson, Walid Heneine, Barry R. O'Keefe, Melissa Robbiani, Elena Martinelli, Brooke Grasperge, James Blanchard, Agegnehu Gettie, Natalia Teleshova, José Fernández-Romero, and Thomas Zydowsky


Development of a vaginal fast-dissolving insert combining griffithsin and carrageenan for potential use against sexually transmitted infections, Manjari Lal, Manshun Lai, Shweta Ugaonkar, Asa Wesenberg, Larisa Kizima, Aixa Rodriguez, Keith Levendosky, Olga Mizenina, José Fernández-Romero, and Thomas Zydowsky