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Case Study


This edition of Quality/Calidad/Qualité reports on the Marie Stopes Sierra Leone (MSSL) organization which pursues its goals with compassion and ambition, despite seemingly insurmountable economic hardships. MSSL has established a service model that many programs in richer countries should try to imitate. Several particularly important lessons emerged, including: creative, skillful management, well-organized and flexible financial administration, and human motivation and perseverance can enable an organization to overcome financial difficulties; family planning is an integral part of people's reproductive and general health concerns and can dovetail with concern for development in useful and practical ways; men appreciate being involved in the care of their children; and a woman-centered reproductive healthcare service can help empower women to care for and value themselves.


Issue no. 7 of Quality/Calidad/Qualité, a series of case studies of high-quality, innovative programs in sexual and reproductive health.