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Breakthrough RESEARCH, USAID’s flagship social and behavior change (SBC) research and evaluation project to drive the generation, packaging, and use of innovative SBC research to inform programming, held its first of four interactive legacy and learning events on 31 January 2023.

To kick off the series, the first event on provider behavior change (PBC) highlighted evidence, insights, and learnings over the life of the project to advance PBC programming and fill critical PBC evidence gaps. PBC, an SBC approach to improving quality of care in family planning, addresses behavioral antecedents and has the potential to result in multiple impacts at individual, community, and system levels.

During the webinar, presenters and attendees:

  • Explored key PBC insights from Breakthrough RESEARCH
  • Learned about some of the state-of-the-art PBC evidence Breakthrough RESEARCH has generated
  • Discovered tools that can be used to strengthen PBC programming and measurement
  • Found calls to action to continue to advance evidence-based PBC programming

This is the slide deck for the webinar.


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