Monitoring and tracking key indicators in the implementation areas of the Malawi One Community Programme

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The One Community Program (One-C), implemented in eight districts in the southern region of Malawi, was a community-based program that sought to increase utilization of HIV prevention, care, and treatment services among high-risk populations, improve linkages to services at the community level, and encourage the adoption of HIV-risk reduction behaviors. The purpose of this Project SOAR activity was to monitor key HIV prevention, care, and treatment outcomes among populations who are targeted by the One-C program, including: (1) Orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) (0 to 17 years of age) and their caregivers (18 and older), (2) Out-of-school adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) (15 to 24 years of age), and (3) Other vulnerable populations (OVP) ages 18 and older, including fisherfolk, those who work in fish processing and selling, market vendors, and estate workers. Population Council/Project SOAR conducted three cross-sectional surveys in 5 of the 8 One-C program districts in order to monitor and track key indicators across the primary outcome domains of: 1) Use of HIV prevention, health and other social services; 2) Adoption of key HIV risk reduction sexual behaviors; 3) Indicators of well-being; and 4) Support for harmful gender norms.






Supporting Operational AIDS Research (Project SOAR)