Surgo Venture’s CUBES Framework: Understanding drivers of behavior to develop a tailored approach to social and behavior change

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Breakthrough RESEARCH, with input from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and cross-sectoral implementing partners, developed research and learning agendas (RLAs) to strengthen two important areas of social and behavior change (SBC) programming: integrated SBC programming and provider behavior change (PBC).

The RLAs identify and document:
- Gaps in existing evidence about integrated SBC and PBC programming;
- Priority research questions and the consensus-driven process used to derive them; and
- Roles of key stakeholders for putting the RLAs into action.

Breakthrough RESEARCH, in collaboration with SBC implementing partners, has also developed a series of research spotlights to:
- Demonstrate how priority questions are being answered to improve programming;
- Share tools and resources for partners; and
- Raise the visibility of current technical work.

In this research spotlight, we feature Surgo Ventures’ CUBES framework and its application for SBC programming, and answer the following questions:
- What are the organizational and individual characteristics and values that are most influential in shaping health care provider behavior; and
- What types of interventions are most important in improving the quality of client-provider interaction?




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