The Lakota Daughters: Film Screening and Q&A

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The Lakota Daughters is a 30-minute Voice of America documentary film about the women and girls of the Oglala Lakota Nation in South Dakota. In a community dealing with the effects of persistent structural racism and attempts to erase Native culture, the women chronicled in this film work to make the future better and brighter for girls aged 10 to 18 by creating a network of "Girl Societies" across their districts using tools designed by the Indigenous Adolescent Girls' Empowerment Network (IMAGEN). This video includes the film, followed by Q&A with Kelly Hallman, Executive Director of IMAGEN; Victoria Kupchinetsky of Voice of America; Aimee Pond, Mary LeBeau and Unci Verine White of the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation; Gwendolyn Packard of the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center; Judy Diers of the Ford Foundation; and Thoai Ngo and Angel del Valle from the Population Council.




The Indigenous Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Network (IMAGEN)

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