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In order to identify the opportunities and options available to address the vulnerabilities of and socioeconomic needs of seasonal migrants, an intervention project was launched by the Disha Foundation, a nongovernmental organization in Nashik city, Maharashtra, India. This report intends to use the project experience as a case study to provide a blueprint for interventions for seasonal migrants to access a range of basic services in areas of destination and to exercise their rights to access available services. The report documents the array of strategies used to enable seasonal migrants to recognize their entitlement and to access available public sector health, education, and other social services. At the same time, it underscores the mediating role that the project played in sensitizing government and public sector service providers about recognizing the rights and accommodating the special circumstances of seasonal migrants in accessing public services on the one hand, and apprising seasonal migrants of their rights and mobilizing them to avail themselves of public sector services on the other. The lessons learned from the implementation of this project are valuable, and should have wider application among similarly disadvantaged mobile populations across the country.






Health and Population Innovation (HPI) Fellowship Program