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To support new health reform initiatives undertaken by the Romanian Ministry of Health and Family, and in support of the USAID Romania strategy for improving women’s reproductive health, Project Concern International/Romania (PCI/R) was awarded a two-year grant to implement a reproductive healthcare project, Healthy Parents-Healthy Children (HP-HC). This project trained family physicians and nurses in rural dispensaries in techniques to improve pre- and postnatal care, including training on modern contraception, cervical and breast cancer screening, treating menopause and its symptoms, and the encouragement of healthy lifestyles. The goal of this OR project was to test the efficacy of interventions to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of rural general practitioners and nurses who were trained by PCI/R’s HP-HC training program and to assess changes in reproductive health knowledge and behavior among community women of reproductive age. The study shows that the project increased medical knowledge and improved behavior among general practitioners, nurses, and women of reproductive age. The OR study validated PCI/R’s overall training approach and provided sufficient information about how to improve it. The report recommends further study to understand the reasons for some of the more counterintuitive findings.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health