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This project assessed the impact of the Mexican Foundation for Family Planning’s Young People Program (YPP) on: a) the attitudes of community stakeholders toward informing youth about reproductive health issues and making reproductive health services available for sexually-active youth; b) the sexual and reproductive health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of adolescents; and c) the way that providers offer reproductive health services to adolescents. In addition, the project determined whether adding a school-based sex education component increased the impact of community interventions on the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of adolescents. Survey results showed that the reproductive health knowledge and attitudes of adolescents were quite positive to begin with, and that they improved over the course of the project. Other results showed that community stakeholders also had quite positive attitudes, that often improved over time, regarding the delivery of information and services to adolescents. Several suggestions to improve the YPP are made, such as decreasing the turnover of young people coordinators, peer promoters, and multipliers; focusing on the populations most in need; increasing the proportion of information and supply-giving activities; improving the management information system; and improving the focus of the catchment areas.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health