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The injectable contraceptive DMPA was introduced in the private sector in India in 1993, contingent on completion of a post-marketing surveillance study of users. The commercial price of a dose of DMPA is about Rs. 150-180, exclusive of the fees of the medical provider. This price puts it beyond the reach of most Parivar Seva Sanstha (PSS) clients in need of safe and effective family planning (FP) services in Uttar Pradesh. Since April 1996, an experiment has been underway with three PSS clinics in Uttar Pradesh to study the effect of price on demand for DMPA. The study seeks to better understand the issues of service delivery, client profile and the price at which the service can be offered in a sustainable way. Since April 1996, PSS has charged clients selecting DMPA Rs. 50 in Agra, Rs. 100 in Lucknow, and the product is offered free in Varanasi. All other PSS clinics in India offer the product at Rs. 50. This cost analysis has two main objectives: to estimate the cost of providing DMPA services at three clinics in Uttar Pradesh and to analyze the price at which DMPA services can be sustainably offered given the cost structure at each clinic.