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The Population Council conducted a three-year acceptability study of the progesterone vaginal ring (PVR) in three sub-Saharan African countries. This technical report presents results from Nigeria, laying out the country’s demographics and high fertility rates; describing the family planning program and policy context; and, finally, revealing the stakeholder support thus far with a discussion on how best to proceed with introduction activities. This country mapping confirms the likelihood that the PVR would be well received in Nigeria and fill a large need in family planning. The PVR is a safe, long-acting, user-controlled product that can be easily inserted and removed by the woman herself with minimal coaching. This is especially appropriate for women in the North who frequent healthcare facilities sparingly due to an aversion to male healthcare providers, need for permission from male partners to visit health facilities, poverty, and a lack of skilled health personnel. These and other characteristics make the PVR a highly desirable addition to the current contraceptive method mix in Nigeria.





The Progesterone Contraceptive Vaginal Ring: Expanding Contraceptive Options in Africa