The Adolescent Data Hub: The largest catalog of open access data on adolescents living in low and middle-income countries

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The Adolescent Data Hub (ADH) is the first and largest data catalog specifically developed to focus on open access data on adolescents in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Developed by the Population Council’s Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center, and launched in August 2018, the ADH has grown to include more than 750 data sources that fit the inclusion criteria of: 1) Self-reported data from females and/or males between ages 10-24 years; 2) One or more rounds of data collected in year 2000 or later; 3) Data collected in one or more LMICs; 4) Data are publicly available for download and use. A dynamic resource, the ADH is regularly updated to include new datasets that meet these criteria. The ADH facilitates access to available data on adolescents for researchers attempting to answer important questions related to the lives of adolescents and for donors and policy-makers eager to identify gaps in existing data to inform their future investments.






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