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“The Adolescent Experience In-Depth: Using Data to Identify and Reach the Most Vulnerable Young People: Turkey 2003” is part of a series of Population Council guides that draw principally on data from the Demographic and Health Surveys to provide decisionmakers at all levels—from governments, nongovernmental organizations, and advocacy groups—with evidence on the situation of adolescent girls and boys and young women aged 10–24 years. The data are presented in graphs, tables, and maps (wherever possible), providing multiple formats to make the information accessible to a range of audiences. Section I is the Foreword. Section II offers brief technical notes specific to each country outlining data sources and sample sizes. Section III provides an overview of the Millennium Development Goals. Section IV provides selective summaries of key data for adolescents aged 10–24 and organizes the graphs, tables, and maps into three themes. Section IV-A provides an overview of information on the diversity of adolescents aged 10–24 living in the country. Section IV-B highlights the 10–14-year age range. Section IV-C highlights the context of sexual relations, whether inside or outside marriage. Section V contains concluding remarks.






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Adolescent Girls' Programming: Community of Practice