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Recognizing the urgent need to enable rural women to acquire accessible and high-quality abortion services in India, a consortium of organizations—including the Population Council—has come together with the goal of increasing access to legal, safe, and comprehensive abortion services, including postabortion family planning, in the public health system, especially among the rural poor. One of its key activities was to develop a comprehensive and evidence-based abortion care model suitable for rural women. The aim of this report is to shed light on community-level perspectives about abortion services and probe the experiences of women who had undergone abortion, to better understand women’s awareness of and attitudes about abortion and their perceptions about the quality of care received, including in public sector facilities in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Findings highlight the fact that access to abortion remains limited for most women in the settings covered in this study. The report states that policy and programmatic action is urgently required if access to safe abortion is to improve





Increasing Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care Services in India