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This report is the result of a sub-national study undertaken by the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai and the Population Council, New Delhi, as part of a project to collect information on key transitions experienced by youth in India. The report focuses on findings from the survey conducted in Tamil Nadu. The Youth Study findings highlight the need for further study in terms of formative research that explores in greater depth the factors impeding successful transitions to adulthood, in the areas, for example, of secondary school completion, economic activity, sexual relations, and marriage and parenthood. The study alerts us to the many challenges confronting youth and their ability to make a successful transition to adulthood, and emphasizes the heterogeneity of youth, not only in terms of their situation but also with regard to their stated needs and preferred mechanisms to address these needs. Evidence presented here provides not only a blueprint for the programming needs of youth in Tamil Nadu but also a baseline by which to measure the impact of programs intended to address youth needs.





Youth in India: Situation and Needs Study