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Over the last decade, a growing body of evidence has laid to rest any illusion that the young are protected from unwanted sexual advances or forced sex both within and outside of marriage. Studies have established the prevalence of unwanted sex within marriage among young women and its risk factors; the association between poverty and forced sex among adolescent girls in South Africa; levels and correlates of forced sex reported by young people in Ethiopia and Kenya. Evidence has established that sex without consent among the young exists in every region of the world, and that girls, as well as boys have experienced it. Questions nevertheless remain. To what extent have national policies responded to concerns about nonconsensual sex among the young? Is it possible to track the prevalence of sex without consent in national and subnational surveys? What are the health and social consequences of sex without consent? Are there promising interventions that have succeeded in preventing sex without consent? This brief presents highlights of research that has responded to these questions.






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