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Investment in adolescent girls is crucial in the developing world where a large proportion of the population is under the age of 24. It is critical to protecting rights to schooling, bodily integrity, and legal and chosen marriage, and to reducing fertility while increasing productive capacity. Making adolescent girls visible is essential so that investments can be targeted toward those at the highest risk of the poorest outcomes. This guide seeks to find and target vulnerable adolescent girls and shape policy context. It provides guidance on resources and tools that can reveal the internal diversity of adolescents, identify the onset and extensiveness of vulnerability, demonstrate where there are high concentrations of vulnerable girls, assess girls’ share of youth resources, and identify communities and vulnerable girls for program participation. The guide is one of a set of five GIRLS FIRST! Perspectives on Girl-Centered Programming thematic reviews addressing the five strategic priorities defined in the UN Joint Statement, “Accelerating Efforts to Advance the Rights of Adolescent Girls,” which supports governments and partners in advancing key policies and programs for the hardest-to-reach adolescent girls.






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