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The decision to engage in the development of girl-friendly savings accounts was made as part of the Population Council’s work with adolescent girls in Kenya. In June 2008 the Council and MicroSave Consulting started the Safe and Smart Savings Products for Vulnerable Adolescent Girls. Based on the market research and prior experience with developing programs for adolescent girls, a product concept for a group-based savings account was developed, in which the group model was used to address the legal constraints of minors not being able to hold individual accounts. In Kenya and Uganda, two financial institutions were identified, and the pilot test was launched with a target of 500 girls for each institution. The overall aim of the project was to develop, pilot test, and roll out individual savings accounts to girls belonging to girls groups. These accounts combine methods in designing financial products for low-income clients and a “safe space” program model that is supportive of adolescent girls. This evaluation report aims to further the understanding of the social, economic, and health effects of participating in these activities on the girls themselves.






Safe and Smart Savings