Adolescent rights and the 'first 1,000 days' global nutrition movement: A view from Guatemala

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Article (peer-reviewed)

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The field of global nutrition has coalesced around the “first 1,000 days” concept, which prioritizes pregnancy and the first two years of life as a critical window to improve child health and development. In this Perspective, we explore the child-centric orientation of 1,000 days programs, with particular emphasis on its implications for young mothers. Using Guatemala as a case study, we argue that 1,000 days interventions may view adolescent mothers as a means to improve child health, rather than as children themselves who have a right to nurturing protection. We conclude by offering a framework that connects the first 1,000 days to the complementary global movement to advance adolescent rights and reduce child marriage.


PMID: 30008571; PMCID: PMC6039738