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Case Study

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The Bangladesh Women's Health Coalition (BWHC) represents an important initiative in the movement toward more responsive modes of family planning delivery. In the context of a society where there are strict limits on the social role and physical mobility of most girls and women, BWHC has set itself the ambitious goal of enabling women—no matter what their income or education—to learn how to manage their own reproductive health and the health of their children in a way that enhances their sense of strength and competence. One of the real strengths of BWHC has been its willingness to learn from experience and to continually modify its range of services and mode of service delivery to better address the needs of its clients. The report offers specific lesssons drawn from the BWHC experience. BWHC clinics are not intended to be models for replication, but are examples of what can be done to develop high-quality services with limited resources.






Issue no. 3 of Quality/Calidad/Qualité, a series of case studies of high-quality, innovative programs in sexual and reproductive health.