Participation in civil society and political life among young people in Maharashtra: Findings from the Youth in India—Situation and Needs study

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Article (peer-reviewed)

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Youth participation in civil society and political life is increasingly recognised to be an important development objective. Nonetheless, research that sheds light on the extent to which youth participate in these arenas, and the factors that facilitate or inhibit such participation remain limited in most developing countries including India. Drawing on data from a representative survey of young people in the state of Maharashtra, India, this paper explores the extent of and the factors associated with youth participation in civil society, their adherence to pro-social values, and their participation in political processes. Findings suggest that for many youth, particularly for young women, opportunities to engage in civil society and political life are limited, and that pro-social values are not uniformly observed. Findings underline the importance of education, agency and close parental interaction in facilitating youth participation in civil society and political life and their expression of pro-social values.






Youth in India: Situation and Needs Study