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This volume provides statistics on all large-scale family planning (FP) programs in the developing world, together with selected demographic and socioeconomic statistics. Time trends are given for some indicators, and data are arranged for comparative analysis across countries. Where available, time trends go back to the mid-1980s. This volume’s predecessor, published in 1992, should be consulted for earlier demographic and socioeconomic data, and for tables on maternal and child health indicators that are not repeated here. The data on FP programs come from a series of three questionnaires sent since 1987 to 100 developing countries, which have generally been kept consistent in their subject matter and wording. The latest questionnaire round reflects information accessible to each country as of early 1993. Questionnaire forms were sent out in late 1992 and returned through spring 1993. Each questionnaire displayed the data previously published for that country in each table concerning the FP program. This let respondents enter corrections in the past time series, as well as provide the updates that were the primary objective of the inquiry.