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This volume continues a tradition initiated at the Population Council nearly 25 years ago when the first edition of “Population and Family Planning Programs” was issued. That factbook began a series of 12 editions produced through 1993. The data in that series were consolidated and updated in another publication, and the present volume is now issued, based partly upon a 1989 questionnaire inquiry to over 100 developing countries. A range of maternal and child survival data were added to the family planning information. The relationships among fertility behavior, infant and child mortality, and maternal health are closely interwoven; moreover, many programs address all three issues rather than any one alone. The current volume provides the principal statistical indicators that are available for most developing countries. Some data are drawn from the questionnaire, whereas other data are taken from agencies that specialize in particular topics. We have limited this edition to the period since the mid-1980s. New data are included for large-scale family planning programs, together with closely related indicators on child survival and reproductive health.