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This directory of surveys contains data on families and households in developing countries. The emphasis is on intergenerational linkages as well as conjugal ties and co-residential arrangements. Surveys that do not situate individuals within a family or household context are excluded. Thus, many labor force surveys with data on the employment status and earnings of men and women are not included unless they also collected data on respondents’ children and/or households. The same is true of contraceptive prevalence surveys that limit their attention to women’s reproductive behavior. The majority of surveys included in the directory are either household-based or woman-based. Most of the information for this directory was collected through two mailings to a total of 1,250 individuals or institutions in developing and developed countries. Requests for information were also mailed directly to various institutions involved in data collection and storage. Recipients were informed about the project’s goals and asked to complete a questionnaire on each survey for which they were responsible or of which they had specific knowledge.