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From 1970–1980, several conferences were held and publications produced regarding the need to improve data collection on indicators of women’s status, as well as a number of publications offering concrete proposals for such improvements. During this period, the disaggregation of statistics by sex has expanded in many countries and indicators, and such disaggregated statistics are presented with increased frequency in international data compiled by United Nations specialized organizations. In addition, two major sets of statistics on the status of women have appeared. These statistics on socioeconomic indicators of the status of women in developing countries include statistics on men as well. The data cover 45 indicators for 75 countries at the beginning and end of the 1970–1980 decade. The statistics for the end of the decade cover 76 countries, because Zimbabwe was added. This monograph differs from already published monographs because of its inclusion of different types of indicators of women’s access to education, economic participation, and social visibility; the wider coverage of national published and unpublished statistics; the time period covered by the statistics; and the extent of the analysis of the available data on different indicators.