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The majority of refugees around the world are in protracted refugee situations, living in exile for at least five years with no sign of a durable solution. There are three possible durable solutions: repatriation, local integration, and resettlement. Repatriation remains the main durable solution, but the circumstances should be conducive for return to the country of origin. In the meantime, local integration gives refugees some certainty about what to do with their lives. Local integration is a process with three interrelated dimensions: legal, economic, and social. This report examines the level and extent of local integration of refugees in terms of economic inclusion. A literature review was carried out to generate evidence on what works best for refugees’ local economic integration in protracted refugee situations. The review utilized published and grey literature, identified through a systematic search and screening process. This report highlights the ways in which national policies and initiatives on refugees’ right to work vary across five countries (Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, and Uganda) and the level and extent of economic integration of refugees.