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Men have traditionally been excluded from initiatives related to reproductive health, family planning, parenthood, and sexuality. While HIV programs frequently recognize the role of men’s risk-taking behavior in transmission of HIV, little is known about men’s sexual and reproductive health. In Ethiopia, the Ethiopia Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Amhara Regional Bureau of Youth and Sports, and the Population Council have been implementing programs for vulnerable girls in Ethiopia, including married adolescents. As programs for married girls became increasingly popular and widely known, demand for support programs arose from their husbands. As a result, qualitative, in-depth interviews were undertaken among adolescents, men, and women in the Amhara Region in Ethiopia, exploring the roles of men and women, risk-taking behavior, and patterns of HIV and reproductive health vulnerability. Findings of the study were used to guide development of a program for Ethiopian men in peri-urban areas, as well as rural-urban migrants. This brief provides details on Addis Birhan (“New Light”), a program for rural men in Ethiopia.






Addis Birhan (“New Light”)