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In September 1999, YRG CARE embarked on a research project in collaboration with the Horizons Program and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance entitled “Scaling Up Affordable and Appropriate Care and Support Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS in South India.” The study aims to better understand the affordability and appropriateness of an integrated care and support model in an emerging epidemic situation to meet the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) and improve their quality of life. A second aim is to examine the process and costs of scaling up this model. A critical step toward achieving both goals is to document the conceptual and operational model of integrated prevention, care, and support used by YRG CARE (the “base model”). The task of completing documentation of the YRG CARE base model has been facilitated by the publications produced by the organization since its inception. However, there is a need to synthesize the data from these sources into one concise reference document. This report states that results of the research should provide new insights and lessons that can be used by YRG CARE to refine and improve its efficiency in meeting the needs of increasing numbers of PLHA.






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