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The Population Council leads the Baobab Research Program Consortium (RPC) in partnership with Population Council-Kenya and the African Population and Health Research Center. One of the successes of the RPC has been its intentional engagement of refugees and host community members in various aspects of its research and intervention implementation activities, including community entry and engagement, training workshops, and data collection. The Baobab RPC’s 2022–23 annual review included a recommendation to review the experience of including refugees and host community members in data collection training workshops, and to assess the value and viability of replicating this approach. While the approach to the engagement of refugees and host community members in various research and intervention implementation activities has been broad, here we explore the unique experience of conducting data collection training workshops with refugees and host community members ahead of the Ethiopian Humanitarian Violence Against Children and Young People Survey (HVACS) conducted between December 2023 and February 2024. This report focuses on post-training evaluation responses and interviews with participants during a training workshop held in November 2023.






Baobab: Filling Gaps in Evidence to Enhance Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among Vulnerable Populations in Refugee Settings in the East and Horn of Africa