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The Population Council leads the Baobab Research Programme Consortium (RPC) in partnership with Population Council–Kenya and the African Population and Health Research Center. Situated in the East and Horn of Africa (EHA), this Africa-based and African-led consortium focuses on filling critical evidence gaps to reduce inequities in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SHRH) among vulnerable populations in humanitarian settings. Baobab produces policy and program-relevant evidence to address critical SHRH concerns among vulnerable refugee populations in the EHA region. Baobab’s approach to developing partnerships includes a commitment to connection and complementarity; building trust and listening to partners; maintaining respect, patience, and perseverance in relationship building; being embedded in the target context, which fosters deep contextual understanding; flexibility and adaptability to changes within partners and the context; and dedication to utilizing evidence to inform and affect change. This report presents Baobab Case Study Three: “Number of New Partnerships and Networks Forged That Foster the Utilisation of Evidence.”






Baobab: Filling Gaps in Evidence to Enhance Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among Vulnerable Populations in Refugee Settings in the East and Horn of Africa