Crosstalk between Rab GTPases and cell junctions

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Article (peer-reviewed)

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For the past several years, studies from other laboratories, as well as ours, have begun to unravel the mechanism of germ cell movement in the testis by using several in vitro and in vivo models of tight and adherens junction assembly and disassembly, two cellular phenomena that confer cell movement. However, for cell movement to be fully appreciated, the importance of "intracellular" cell movements, such as those involving actin and microtubule filaments, must be better understood. Recent research on Rab GTPases has shown that members of this superfamily function in the trafficking of vesicles containing cargo to distinct subcellular sites such as the plasma membrane while utilizing actin and microtubule filaments as tracks. In this mini-review, we provide an overview of Rab GTPase structure, function, and regulation, while placing added emphasis on the role of Rabs in cell junction dynamics in the testis.