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The goals of this project were to: i) increase comprehensive HIV service delivery among MSM, transgender women, and their sexual partners, ii) build the capacity of a local NGO to function as a one-stop-shop for HIV and STI services, and iii) build evidence around the “hub and spokes” service delivery model, how to best reach transgender populations, and to pilot an intervention intended to promote mental health and reduce intersectional, internalized stigma experienced by sexual and gender minorities (both living with HIV and at risk of HIV acquisition). The project implemented a “hub and spokes” model of service provision of comprehensive HIV, sexual and reproductive health and support services to MSM and transgender women in Lagos. Key opinion leaders were essential in creating demand among their large social networks for services at the hub (a one-stop-shop facility) and public health facilities (spokes) that were trained to be a key-population friendly facility. Public health facilities can be capacitated to provide key population friendly services. The project also piloted a mental health promotion and stigma reduction intervention for MSM and transgender women, that addressed the mutiple stigmas experienced by sexual and gender minorities (i.e. intersectional stigma). The intervention determined that there is great need for and interest in such a stigma reduction intervention. The project also highlighted the need for more transgender-inclusive programming given the multiple levels of stigma that the community experiences. To reach more key populations, the hub and spokes model of service delivery should be expanded to other regions.




Expanding Access to and Lessons Learned from HIV Care and Treatment for MSM and Transgender Women in and around Lagos