Dataset—How do changes in motivation to prevent pregnancy influence contraceptive continuation? Results from a longitudinal study with women who receive family planning services from community pharmacists and patent and proprietary medicine vendors in Nigeria

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The IntegratE project is a proof-of-concept that Community Pharmacists (CPs) and Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) have the capacity to provide a wider range of family planning (FP) and primary health care (PHC) services than they are currently authorized by law to provide. The project seeks to improve the quality of FP and PHC services provided by CPs and PPMVs and support the creation of an enabling environment that will sustain these services. The dataset includes data from a larger evaluation of the IntegratE project which seeks to expand access to family planning (FP) in Nigeria through community pharmacies and drug shops. 491 women were interviewed within 10 days after receiving a FP service (counseling, referral or FP method) from these sources and again nine months later. We then used logistic regression models to assess whether changes in motivation to avoid pregnancy between receiving a FP service to 9 months later is associated with continued use of FP. We found that many women (89%) continued using contraception approximately 9 months after the enrollment interview. Women who remained highly motivated (reported it was very important to avoid pregnancy at both interviews) were more likely to continue using contraception compared to women who became more motivated between the two interviews. Women who became less motivated were 65% less likely to continue using contraception compared to who became more motivated. Our results suggest that FP providers, including private sector pharmacists and drug shop owners, should continuously check in with women about their motivations around pregnancy to support continuation contraceptive use among those who wish to avoid pregnancy.


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