Can community pharmacists and patent proprietary medicine vendors retain family planning knowledge over time? Findings from the IntegratE Project in Kaduna and Lagos States, Nigeria

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The IntegratE project is a proof-of-concept that Community Pharmacists (CPs) and Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) have the capacity to provide a wider range of family planning (FP) and primary health care (PHC) services than they are currently authorized by law to provide. The project seeks to improve the quality of FP and PHC services provided by CPs and PPMVs and support the creation of an enabling environment that will sustain these services. The data set includes 559 CPs and PPMVs who completed a self-administered questionnaire in two groups (rounds 1 and 2) from February 2019–January 2021 in Kaduna and Lagos states, Nigeria on the IntegratE project. The focus of the study was the assessment of CPs and PPMVs' knowledge as they relate to the provision of FP counseling, injectable and implant contraceptive services at three points in time: 1) before the training; 2) immediately after the training; and 3) 9-months after the training.






IntegratE Project