Exposure to pornographic content among Indian adolescents and young adults and its associated risks: Evidence from UDAYA survey in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

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Article (peer-reviewed)

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Adolescence is period characterized by sexual development, increasing romantic relationships, and the initiation of sexual activity. To enhance the exploration of their sexuality, adolescents may look into sexual resources such as pornography. There has been little research in India to understand how much adolescents are exposed to Internet pornography and what are the associated risk factors. This study examined the level of exposure to pornography among adolescents and the associated factors which determine the exposure to pornography in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Understanding the Lives of Adolescents and Young Adults (UDAYA) survey data collected in 2015–2016 was used for this study. The study was based on 3885 adolescent boys and 7766 adolescent girls aged 15–19 years. The mean age for adolescent boys was 16.66 years (SD: 1.3), and for girls it was 16.67 years (SD: 1.3). About 47% of adolescent boys but only 6% of girls were exposed to pornography. The likelihood of exposure to pornography was 1.69 times and 2.27 times more likely among adolescents and girls who had their own personal mobile phones, respectively, compared to those who did not have their own personal mobile phones. The odds of exposure to pornography were significantly higher among adolescent boys who had frequent media exposure than those who had no/rare exposure. Programs on life skills and comprehensive sexuality education need to be prioritize.






Understanding the Lives of Adolescents and Young Adults (UDAYA)