Webinar—Adaptations in Crisis: Stress Testing our Intentional Design Model for Girls' Programs

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This webinar briefly reviews the Population Council's Community of Practice's theory of change of how emergencies are mediated through girls, in line with conclusions of the initial Girls in Emergencies Consultation (2013) and the continuing efforts of the Girls in Emergencies (GiE) Collaborative.

The challenge is how to act safely and lay the foundations for girls and young women to not only be protected but also be validated in their vital role in health promotion as this pandemic unfolds. Reports from Guatemala, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Mozambique highlight how to positively engage girls, their families, and communities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Includes short updates from Community of Practice partners in Haiti, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the Indigenous Adolescent Girls Empowerment Network (IMAGEN).




Adolescent Girls' Programming: Community of Practice; GIRL Center

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