Chi-Chi Undie interviewed on teen pregnancy and school re-entry in Kenya: RELI and Well Made Strategy podcast

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In a two-part podcast episode with the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) in Kenya and Well Made Strategy, the Population Council’s Chi-Chi Undie discusses teen pregnancy and school re-entry for girls that experience it in Kenya, coupled with what she has learned from her research, time spent in the field, and own experience with a 13-year-old daughter.

Part one features conversations about the availability and reliability of datasets on teen pregnancy; the context of and characteristics of relationships that lead to teen pregnancy; and the potential policy implications and community appetite to address teen pregnancy.

Part two tackles important drivers for teen mothers to participate in the education system and the need for critical conversations and interactions on sex and sexuality with not only young women but also parents, caregivers, men, boys and communities where teen motherhood is prevalent. It also touches on the opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to foster school re-entry for teen mothers.




Expanding Access to Secondary School Education for Teenage Mothers in Kenya

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