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Rates of urbanization in Ethiopia are significant and, increasingly, young females are among those who migrate from rural to urban areas. Previous research in Addis Ababa showed that, compared to boys and young men, young female migrants are more likely to migrate to cities without the accompaniment of immediate family members. and often move in with people with whom they have only loose affiliation or live on their own. Previous Population Council research on the experience of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) revealed that girls’ migration from rural to urban areas of the country may be perilous. This is particularly true at the point of arrival into cities, and when traveling on their own or with same-age peers, and with no immediate plans for where to stay upon arrival. Formative research was conducted during the initial phases of the current project, which included in-depth interviews with migrant AGYW, market women, and petty traders who operate in and around bus stations, as well as job placement brokers. This research confirmed earlier Council findings that highlighted intensified risk to girls immediately upon arrival and recommended that support programs take steps to facilitate social connections, accommodations, and linkage to services.






Selam Medirashachin (Safe Arrival)