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Through its Reproductive Maternal and Neonatal Child Health project, GIZ Pakistan is assisting the Government of Pakistan in strengthening its health system’s capacities for ensuring effective, efficient, client-oriented, and affordable reproductive, maternal, newborn, and adolescent health care. GIZ engaged with senior national and provincial government officials who indicated their interest in applying the innovative Made-In/Made-For (Maternal Death, from Informants/Maternal Death, Follow On Review) methodology, a cost-effective alternative for generating reliable estimates of maternal mortality through community-based informant networks. This Population Council study in two pilot districts identified specific areas that need strong policy and programmatic interventions to improve maternal health outcomes. While the findings from the two districts cannot be generalized to the rest of the province, they confirm that maternal mortality persistently remains a major public health issue in Pakistan and this problem may be much larger than was assumed. At the same time, the study reveals many similarities between the situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the findings of our earlier study in Punjab, implying that, despite geographical and cultural differences, the basic needs and problems faced by rural communities in the northern half of the country remain similar.