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The study documented in this report examines the provision and utilization of public and private sector maternal and child health services in Punjab, Pakistan with a focus on family planning (FP) services. It is aimed at enabling a better understanding of the specific demand and supply dynamics leading to low contraceptive prevalence despite unmet need, and the opportunities that must be seized to enhance access to quality family planning services. The report is part of a larger project being implemented by the Population Council with the assistance of the Department for International Development, UK entitled “Sustaining Focus on Provincial Governments for FP 2020 Goals and Increasing Access to Reproductive Healthcare through Improved Service Delivery.” The findings of the study suggest that there is scope for improving delivery of FP services and methods through all four major sectors, i.e., the public health facilities, the private health facilities, Lady Health Workers, and pharmacies. Based on its findings, the report recommends specific measures and approaches to address unmet need for family planning and the skewed method mix in Punjab.