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The Population Council Viet Nam joined the Hanoi School of Public Health and Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Faculty of Public Health to create fellowships to increase research skills, provide competitive awards, and develop a network to link fellows to various national and international institutes and conferences. The core target population of the project is Vietnamese health professionals who have studied overseas and have obtained recent master’s degrees in public health or health social sciences under three programs managed by the Population Council. This evaluation report provides information from baseline and endline surveys of returned fellows participating in the Health Research for Development Initiative (HRDI) program in Viet Nam. Comparisons in types of work, job sector, research skills, participation in research studies, and job satisfaction can be inferred from this data, yet there are some barriers and limitations to the available data. Continuation and expansion of the HRDI program will require increased ownership from the Schools of Public Health participating in the fellowship program, more attention to the actual content of training programs, and more variety of survey research opportunities in Viet Nam.