Monisha Vaid

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Working Paper

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This report seeks to fill gaps in information on the lives of unmarried youth in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in India. Specifically, it documents young people’s self-efficacy and their connections with their family and peers, as well as their sexual experiences and substance use practices. The findings presented in this report reiterate the fact that BPO employment not only provides young adults with a profitable and challenging work environment, but also has other positive outcomes: many young BPO employees associated their increased independence and self-efficacy to their employment in this sector, many reported close peer networks, and many reported a savings orientation. However, several areas of concern calling for a variety of interventions for youth in this sector were also observed: high levels of stress; a lack of sexual and reproductive health awareness; a need for contraceptive supplies and referrals for counseling and infection; and awareness-building efforts that address the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.






Health and Population Innovation (HPI) Fellowship Program