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This document defines the key elements of information systems to support the development of effective, scalable voucher information systems. It is based on an engagement between the Gobee Group and the Population Council to strengthen information systems of reproductive health voucher programs in five countries in 2011–12. At the time of publication of this document, the Population Council was in the midst of a multiyear evaluation of five of the biggest reproductive health programs worldwide, an effort supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While the work supporting this report has been focused on reproductive health voucher programs—which provide subsidized reproductive health services to low‐income women using existing providers—it is fully expected that this report will have relevance to information systems issues for other types of voucher programs as well. The report is primarily intended for two audiences: 1) anyone involved in resource allocation related to current or new voucher programs; and 2) anyone operationally involved in the design, development, or improvement of voucher programs. The report assumes a basic working background of the function and purpose of voucher programs.






RH Vouchers: Evaluating Voucher-and-Accreditation Programs to Improve Maternal and Reproductive Health Service Delivery