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The Special Studies Program was implemented as part of the Pilot Health Project in the West Bank and Gaza to provide small grants to Palestinian researchers, research organizations, and advanced graduate students to conduct research that examines critical reproductive health topics related to maternal and child health care, including family planning. The research implemented under the Special Studies Program covered a range of topics including male involvement in reproductive health, clients' satisfaction with family planning programs, the relationship between early marriage and the delivery of premature infants, factors affecting compliance for iron supplementation, and diabetes mellitus during pregnancy. The research generated from the Special Studies Program provided important information and data related to reproductive healthcare issues and concerns in the West Bank and Gaza. The findings from these studies will not only broaden the understanding of population and health issues but will also support future health and population programs, especially in emerging areas of programming such as male involvement. By supporting innovative research initiatives and providing technical consultations, the Special Studies Program also promoted capacity-building among the scholars and researchers in the program. Their upgraded skills and experience is seen as an integral part of building a sustainable reproductive health research capacity in the West Bank and Gaza.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health