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In May 2004, the Maternal Child and Women’s Health department of Kwazulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa requested technical assistance from the Population Council’s USAID-funded FRONTIERS project for developing standardized and comprehensive antenatal and postnatal (ANC/PNC) care policies and guidelines and supportive training and educational materials. The aims and objectives of this project were to: support the development of a comprehensive evidence-based antenatal and postnatal care program in KZN; consolidate lessons learned and evidence around delivery of comprehensive ANC and PNC; revise provincial guidelines to enable comprehensive ANC and PNC services that address PMTCT, partner involvement, syphilis screening, focused visits, and antiretrovirals; develop supportive systems for implementing new guidelines, monitoring and evaluation tools, job aides, and training materials; and build the capacity of healthcare providers and programs, thereby strengthening monitoring of ANC and PNC services. FRONTIERS adopted a participatory process, ensuring buy-in and ownership at all levels through the involvement of all key stakeholders. This approach has not only ensured that local, national, and international research-based evidence fed into the development of the provincial antenatal and postnatal care policies and guidelines, but also that buy-in and ownership were generated at all levels.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health