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The STEP UP consortium and the High Impact Practices initiative, together with other partners, supported three consultation meetings to inform the use of appropriate standards of evidence for recommending best practices in reproductive health (RH). The second consultation, reported here, brought together researchers and funders to review the research designs and methodologies that can be used to generate evidence on the impact of FP/RH interventions and on their implementation; the mechanisms and structures through which such evidence is reviewed and translated into recommendations; and the implications for organizing and funding evidence generation to maximize its quality and utility. Drawing from the presentations, three plenary discussions were held which reflected a diversity of views on what constitutes high-quality evidence, which type of evidence is appropriate for which type of recommendations, and which approaches should be followed to translate evidence into practice recommendations. Recommendations for consolidating standards of evidence and formulating guidelines for high-impact practices in FP/RH programming and policymaking are presented in this report.





Strengthening Evidence for Programming on Unintended Pregnancy (STEP UP)