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This project was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the Men as Partners (MAP) program in South Africa in terms of: changing men’s gender attitudes, norms and behaviors; changing aspects of gender dynamics in relationships; reducing the prevalence of unwanted pregnancy risk behaviors at individual and community levels; and increasing male involvement in gender based violence (GBV) and HIV prevention and in HIV care and support activities. The intervention activities implemented were MAP workshops, public demonstrations, and participation in community action teams. The evaluation of the interventions showed that about 30% of the workshop participants had also attended other MAP activities or participated in community action teams. The workshop participants highly rated the workshops, particularly the facilitation by peer educators and the fact that it had improved their knowledge of gender and HIV issues. As a consequence, men were more willing to accept joint decision-making with women, more tolerant of women taking the initiative for condom use, more knowledgeable about HIV transmission mechanisms, and more likely to support their partners during pregnancy.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health