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This report, which summarizes the major study findings on population and family planning (FP) trends in the Philippines, was prepared for the Research Unit of the Family Planning Services (FPS) of the Department of Health (DOH). It was used by the FPS in its National Consultative Planning Workshop in early 1994 to formulate plans for the Philippine Family Planning Program for 1994–1995. Workshop participants included DOH Regional Family Planning Coordinators, representatives of local government offices engaged in population and health activities, and local NGOs and women's groups. The report alerted participants to population and FP issues and trends that could assist them in formulating their FP program targets and strategies in their own areas and localities. Study findings are organized into those relating to indicators of demand, and those bearing on the supply of FP services. Considering the large number of population and FP studies that have been made to date, this review limits itself to a presentation of related trends in fertility and FP awareness, approval, and use over time. The report provides a backdrop for the formulation and implementation of local action plans to advance the national FP program.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project